It is High Time Restaurants Chop off Delivery Services and Rope in Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when TV commercials were one of the best means for eateries and restaurants to reach out to their customers. Have a look at this statistic given by Monetate: online marketing influences more than 1 billion consumer visits to restaurants. With this scenario, it is time restaurants seriously think about moving their marketing funds to online marketing. Doing so will build direct bonds with the customers and do away the dependency on third-party delivery houses such as DoorDash.

Going digital will enable restaurants to fetch more customers and have data insights such as customer eating habits, age group and demography at their disposable using which they can plan their menu and offers. But, the darker side is, many restaurants aren’t aware of this digital marketing beauty or even if they are aware they don’t possess the skill to take complete advantage of the digital marketing beauty.

The study also found a few other interesting facts:

Remember digital marketing implementation isn’t as tough as anyone thinks and to systematically build digital marketing techniques and data, restaurant marketers must concentrate on the below 3 areas.

Don’t give away the first-hand data:

In place of transferring vital first-hand analytics & statistics to supply & delivery services such as Doordash, restaurants should build direct connections with their customers so that they amass valuable inputs and develop relations through digital platforms.

Interlinking offline and online activity of customers makes sure the data is real and verified and isn’t just confined to a device ID or a cookie. With the interlinking, the restaurant marketing team can know how the customers are actually mingling across different platforms, devices and platforms.

For instance, when the marketing team knows that a consumer usually orders a takeaway for dinner during his/her workdays and also has a dog, the restaurant’s marketing team can run a customized digital advertisement giving a dog treat for free.

Create a continuous-flowing dialogue:

Restaurant’s marketers usually concentrate on the promotion of seasonal food items, steep discounts & one-time offers. This is arguably not a proper way to increase business.

Burger King, for example, of late, offered 1-cent Whoppers to customers who downloaded their app within the radius of 600-feet of a McDonald’s. Of course, a good way to knit relations butthe next big question is how will Burger King maintain a continuous dialogue with new customers.

To do this, marketers can use the primary customer communication as a starting point to drive better value through tailored omnichannel marketing ways. Omnichannel digital marketing means customer interaction across their favored devices, apps and websites all through the purchase flow. Whether it is reminding steadfast customers to order lunch beforehand through a custom-made display advertisement or giving away a mobile app coupon on breakfast.

Value the influence of online on offline:

Many researchers opine that restaurants may come across hurdles due to increasing food costs and also due to increasing competition. And this would force restaurant marketers for a more enhanced approach to increase customer engagement through a measured approach. Here, marketers should remember that online marketing has a huge say on offline marketing. So, one should clearly define KPIs and interlink them with online & offline marketing strategies for optimum results.

Following these three ruthlessly will free the restaurants' dependency on delivery service providers which will, in turn, give a boost to business and an opportunity to push tailored ads based on the data.


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