Without Implementing These Digital Marketing Will Not Be Effective

Either one likes the word DIGITAL MARKETING or not there is no escape from this in present days. Proper execution of digital marketing goes a long way in making fortunes for any company and business irrespective of its size, region and the business nature. However, digital marketing implementation is easier said than done. In lieu of this, let us know the latest trends that are taking front row so that one can reap maximum from digital marketing.

Increased use of Chatbots:

Extensive use of Chatbots is the happening mantra in the digital world and chatbots are already extensively in use on social media platforms like Facebook. Beginning with weather forecasts to the automation of routine functions the use of bots is on the rise. Chatbots are really useful for day to day functions that are routine and that don’t need regular human intervention or functional changes. Given this feasibility, chatbot usage may see a leap in the digital marketing world.

The increasing popularity of Instagram amongst kids:

Instagram, an image & video-based social media platform which is already a must-have social media for millennials is also slowly making its way into the young generation’s world. This app presently has over 1 billion users and is seeing a considerable ascent since last year’s final quarter, this only implies that Instagram as part of social media marketing will have high say commencing from this year. The best bet of it is the huge number of subscribers who fall under the age of 30 and surprisingly these are the ones who define the success and failure of digital marketing strategy in any business.

Email will turn out to be more personalized:

No one can ever deny the truth that Email marketing has a good hold in the digital marketing scenario and will continue to have for the next decade or so. However, despite the steady importance of email marketing, following conventional email marketing will not help whatsoever in the present setup. The best way to make the maximum out of this marketing is to customize and blend it according to need and market. Personalization will make the reader connect with the product or service. Remember, email has the potential to trigger an action, in fact, it is more often considered as the last weapon in digital marketing to lure the customer.

Facebook will peak as usual:

Facebook, as is, will remain the numero uno platform in social media, especially for businesses targeting millennials and people aged 65+. One should never go away with the impression that it is the podium more used by people below 25 years. It has people of all ages and you will be surprised to know that 41% of people uisng Facebook are aged above 65. With this fact in mind, one can easily understand that it is the perfect forum for marketing irrespective of age factor.

Content is king as usual:

On any given day, the content will ever take the first slot in digital marketing but one should give prominence to subtlety rather than focusing on quality and random posting. Plan your content in such a way that the content is targeted and is specific in purpose. Make the content more interesting using statistics, infographics, and relevant images. Content needn’t always come in words alone it can come in many forms like images, videos, GIFs and so on.

So, keep all the above facts in mind and spin your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


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