Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Fast Emerging

Retailers are starting to consider consumer shopping trends bit seriously due to the recent store shutdowns and reducing GMV. As per, Business Insider, about 4,000 retail shops were shut down in the last year alone.

The causes are not clear, however, many think online shopping habits play a key factor in the customary brick-and-mortar retail outlets’ challenges. Now the question is what does this have to do with social media marketing? As said by the Pew Research Center, 8 in 10 American shoppers buy products online, with about 15% of such sales gotten through social links.

Here are the other statistics.

Social Media Video Posts Increases Retailers’ Engagement:

These days video is a very reliable social media marketing tool. Retailers are using more video posts then static image and content. The number of likes doesn’t hold much value at present. Engagement is also easier now, as there are online platforms that connect business with active and interested consumers for faster conversions and quality leads..

Internet of Things (IoT) is Increasing Social Media Purchaser Funnels:

IoT is presently integrated with social media marketing efforts due to the huge amounts of data IoT-connected devices gather. To be clearer, IoT connected more than 7 million units of consumer data in 2018 alone.

This data lets marketers making social media marketing assets for each purchaser funnel stage, and deliver it without fail across the chosen social networks of their targeted audiences.

Social Chatbots—The Next-Level Customer Service Reps:

Chatbots on social media are highly useful for customer support and service. Why? More than 8 billion Facebook messages are exchanged between businesses and consumers every month. AI chatbots answer customer questions, assist customers shop and also upselling based on previous purchasing behaviour, all on social channels.

Social Media Advertisements Are Very Audience Themed:

Till recently social media ads were either miss or hit. But, social networks have jumped their advertisement game for retailers. At present, businesses are capable of delivering high focused adverts based on region, enthusiasm in a brand, gender, age, activities and lot more. “Utilizing a multichannel approach to marketing, we target visitors across many social ad platforms to drive visitors inexpensively,” said Michael Lawrence, director of marketing for DirectLiquidation. “We then retarget on Facebook to remind visitors we are there, converting them.”

Retailers Are Reaping the Micro-Influencers’ Power:

Endorsements from high-profile celebrities are no more considered as “worthy social media marketing expend.” In its place, retailers are preferring to make use of micro-influencers, who possess small, however, far more trusty customer bases to advocate their products. “Micro-influencers have smaller followings, between 1,000-10,000 people,” Kristen Wessel of Forbes said. “They’re usually in more niche markets with highly engaged and loyal audiences.”

The Takeaway:

Social media marketing has true value for retailers in the digital age of today. With smartphone usage becoming part of daily life, at present, retailers have a direct line to buyers 24/7. It is truly unparalleled, and when executed properly, can produce profitable results.


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