Improve E-Commerce Sales With Proper Social Media Marketing Strategy

Business owners and marketers across the globe are pushing boundaries to develop inventive ways to push their services and products to customers. Social media since a decade has grown in leaps and bounds which no one would have ever anticipated. A study conducted by Pew Research Center said YouTube is used by 73% of US citizens and 68% of the same use Facebook. There are around 35-24% users for the rest of the social media websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

These stats say that the number of people using social media websites is increasing. People talk about product experiences, search new products and also initiate purchases every time they login into some social medium. With this scenario, it is high time e-commerce business owners explore different ways of how to gain maximum sales from social media.

Create exceptional content & schedule posts:

If own an e-commerce store you should even possess a devoted blog page for the website. Once the page has garnered enough posts post them on your store or personal social media profile pages with proper tagging. Doing so will increase the chances of someone landing on the blog page which may end up in sale if the content posted and your product are one and the same. Remember to share only posts that relate to your business say for instance if you sell eateries and cooking related products let your blog talk about eating recipes and cooking tips

Here the goal is to persuade the customer from social media pages to blog and then from blog to store and finally sell a product.

Display proper ads:

Based on the social media podiums your consumer hangs out, you can choose the ad programs from a wide range of choices. Lead Ads of Facebook are good to generate new business by targeting consumers who fall under your consumer demographics by inducing them to subscribe to your mailing list to receive more information. Instagram Stories can be used to make video content there by providing the prospective audience a sight of what your product is and what you have to offer.

When you have decided to display ads carefully think if an ad will appeal or not to your prospects. Think about how you can showcase what effect your product will have on them through ads or videos.

Retargeting ads are good for customers who have discarded their shopping cart. These ads are really useful when a customer leaves without making a purchase. Your site can leave a cookie on their IP address and attract the consumer to revisit and finish the purchase in return for an offer or discount or limited time promotion. These retargeting ads can also be tracked.

Join hands with influencers:

Influencer marketing is really a powerful tool to increase sales. It comes in all sizes and all shapes which is a good sign for social mediums. Before zeroing on some kind of influencer check if that influencer can really be of help to your product or business. The influencer personality and face value should sync with your business.

Social Media Advertisements Are Very Audience Themed:

Micro-influencers too can at times do the magic for you in fact due to the close-knit these micro-influencers can heighten up the initial sales and also save your branding & marketing costs

There are many ways one can increase sales and lead list through social media marketing. However, prior deciding on a medium for advertising, it is important that you know the statistics such as knowing which social medium the prospective customer usually visits, during which time, the amount of time spent and so on. Based on these properly plan your sales using social media platforms.


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