These Tools Give High Conversion Rate Optimization

There can be something or nothing in a company but without MARKETING there can’t be the concept of a company. And this speaks volumes of the vitality of marketing for any company and its business. Marketing isn’t a cakewalk and it’s many times easier said than done. Marketing isn’t just spreading a word it’s a data-driven approach to assist business & revenue growth. From a marketer point of view, when we talk regarding the revenue, the challenge would be the conversion rate.

However, as artificial intelligence is increasing opportunities to meet these challenges is becoming easier. Here are such AI tools that have been successful in bettering up the conversions.


Ranking high and good audience engagement are important for high conversion rates. One such software which will definitely aid in solving these two pain-points is MarketMuse which plans, creates and optimizes content using machine learning, AI, and natural language processing technology to analyze and compare content to 1,000’s of articles on the subject to illustrate what is missing. It ensures no content is made without rationale and good ROI. This assists marketers to create content more applicable to a niche and fill the content gaps.

Flow XO:

When explaining the plan and goal of your business to fetch leads is your priority it’s no easy chore to shout to thousands of people and this is the junction where chatbots come into act. Nowadays, chatbots is one amongst the key essentials for any business. The chance of increasing lead generation is much simplified with chatbots. One tool that’s really a master in creating incredible chatbots is Flow XO.


Conversion rate is highly important for all the businesses in the present scenario. However, website optimization to get leads demands time. Despite this result measuring is difficult. And here comes Convertize, a machine learning tool which modifies and tests any page on the site using a spontaneous editing tool.

Convertize with the assistance of machine learning and visitor type personalizes website content which means tailored content for every visitor.

Exceed, an AI-powered tool is very handy for sales and marketing people. It facilitates them to chat with leads from anywhere and anytime. As an AI-enabled tool, it uses 2-way chat and email conversations, which means it does half work prior to human action comes into action.


In today’s marketing world video content is key but video creation isn’t easy work. Lumen5, a video creation tool enabled with A.I. converts text into video content. The platform is a boon to marketers for video creation in minutes.

Making a video is simple just enter the link of a blog or an article and that’s it your video is ready. If the text is from offline just copy paste and the video will start generating.

Aren’t these platforms really a boon for marketers who run out of time frequently but still are responsible for actual sales and real-time conversions? Try them to get higher conversion optimization.


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