73% of Small Businesses Prefer Increasing Investments in Social Media Marketing

Well, if you’re under the impression that you can leave away Digital Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing (SMM) from your marketing & sales strategy then it’s time you change the thought as about 3 out of every 4 small businesses invest in social media marketing. Now, we think you need no explanation on how much the medium and large scale businesses would be investing.

The Manifest conducted a survey called, ‘’ How Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing Channels in 2019’’ and found that this year, 73% of small businesses are ready to make investments in SMM. The survey took into account about 529 small business managers and owners.

The study also found a few other interesting facts:
  • Nearly 95% of small businesses are planning to increase their marketing budgets in 2019
  • 35% of these businesses prefer digital marketing, 31% prefer traditional marketing while the remaining 34% are uncertain but have expressed willingness to go for internet channels.
  • The survey focused on marketing objectives and habits of small entrepreneurs.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top 3 preferred social mediums respectively and are the most preferred mediums of digital marketing for small businesses.
  • While almost most of the small business houses know the importance of social media an added 2/3rds of these plan to increase social media spending budget this year.
  • Top social media platforms attract over 2 billion active users per month and this is being used by small businesses to increase sales and brand value using groups and community pages.
  • Next to social media platforms, websites are the most preferred digital channels in digital marketing. 73% preferred investing in website building.
  • 57% of small business owners preferred email marketing to promote their services or products.
  • Video marketing too, is considered as a good source as nearly 85% of Americans watch videos online, however, as video making is a costly fair it took back seat and only 27% prefer increasing investment in it.
  • Surprisingly SEO took the last place with less than half small business owners preferring it although there are 5.6 billion Google searches per day.

When this is the scenario towards SMM have you ever given a thought to why Social Media is key for businesses if not then here is the answer from Maria Kiagias of Social Gold Group, a marketing communications boutique, “Without a doubt, social media marketing and advertising is our most successful digital marketing channel. Our team measures the success of our campaigns through strict analytics, campaign sales, and the human conversion surrounding the service, product or brand.”

With this trend where we can see increased investment in different digital marketing tools, it is clear that businesses which don’t wish spending on digital marketing strategy are going to lose the game soon.


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